Author: Michelle Nollsch

  • Stephen Haws

    Stephen Haws

    Oils Stephen Haws loves traditional arts and mediums. His father was an accomplished artist, sculpting figures and painting landscapes. From the time Stephen was 12, you could find him out […]

  • Vicki Toy-Smith

    Vicki Toy-Smith

    Water Media Vicki Toy-Smith has lived in Nevada since 1992. She paints watercolors on a variety of subjects.  Her landscapes are based on various scenes of Nevada and the West. […]

  • Valerie Cohen

    Valerie Cohen

    Water Media Valerie Patricia Cohen was born in 1946, in Pasadena, California, daughter of the distinguished mountaineers Ruth and John Mendenhall.  She completed B.A. and M.A. degrees in English Literature […]

  • Ronnie Rector

    Ronnie Rector

    Water Media I started painting after a watercolor workshop I took in October of 2008. I discovered I have some talent with this medium and am absolutely fell in love […]

  • Laurel Sweigart

    Laurel Sweigart

    Water Media Laurel Sweigart began painting at a very young age, taking her first painting class in the third grade. She has explored many mediums such as oil, acrylic, pastel, […]

  • Kathryn Dudley

    Kathryn Dudley

    Water Media Kathryn is a lifelong Reno resident. She has considered herself an artist from a very young age with a God-given Talent. She is mostly a self-trained artist but […]

  • Judy Welsh

    Judy Welsh

    Water Media Judy Welsh holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art from San Jose State University, where she also did graduate work in art.  Her work has been accepted into Splash […]

  • Jean Hare

    Jean Hare

    Water Media Jean Hare has lived most her life in Northern Nevada, which has given her a love for the beautiful scenery the Sierras and the desert have to offer. […]

  • Graciala Mancini

    Graciala Mancini

    Water Media Bio Contact Email: Website Social

  • Eileen Fuller

    Eileen Fuller

    Water Media Eileen Fuller is the current show chair for LAC and twice past president. She is also active in Sierra Watercolor Society and is the 2020 president of the […]

  • Colleen Reynolds

    Colleen Reynolds

    Water Media Colleen Reynolds owns and operates a business dedicated to watercolor creation, display, and teaching. She is a watercolor instructor with the Western Nevada College (WNC). Colleen has a […]

  • Carol Gillies

    Carol Gillies

    Water Media As a recently retired local resident – I have begun to pursue my lifetime interest in fine art, more specifically, watercolor painting. I have been interested in drawing […]

  • Carol Alice Evans

    Carol Alice Evans

    Water Media Carol joined Latimer Art Club in 2018. “The Club’s main attraction for me was how inspiring it is to learn from other artists,” she said. “Observing their accomplishments […]

  • Breanne Craig

    Breanne Craig

    Water Media “Breanne is a commissioned based watercolor portrait artist living in Reno, NV. Her portraits range from horses, dogs and cats to people and everything in between. She feels […]

  • Vickie Curwen

    Vickie Curwen

    Multiple Media Vicki is a watercolor artist and fabric quilter.  She began to draw, color and paint as a child and began to sew at age 11 making her own […]

  • Tamami Takutake

    Tamami Takutake

    Pastels I am Tamami Tokutake, and I’m a pastelist. I cannot tell you how good it feels to say that. I’m a self-taught, late-starter artist, and joining Latimer Art Club […]

  • Luverne Lightfoot

    Luverne Lightfoot

    Pastels I’m LUVERNE LIGHTFOOT and I have been an active Latimer Art Club member since 1983, serving as President in 1985. MY ART JOURNEY began early with pencil drawings and in […]

  • Dorrie Rapp

    Dorrie Rapp

    Pastels Bio Contact Email: Website Social

  • Bonita Paulis

    Bonita Paulis

    Pastels Nothing gives me more joy than to hike and explore and paint this Wild Western Landscape.  I have lived in the “Rare Air ” of the Sierra Nevada Lake […]

  • Trina Craig

    Trina Craig

    Oils Trina Craig (1961- ) was born and raised on the western slopes of the northern California Sierra Nevada’s. She picked up her first paintbrush when she was 2 years […]

  • Sue Perry

    Sue Perry

    Oils Bio Contact Email: Website Social

  • Maureen (Moze) Hoban

    Maureen (Moze) Hoban

    Oils As a child, I was fortunate to be introduced to fine art as a young student at The Art Institute of Chicago. There, I took classes in their “Junior” […]

  • Margot Comer

    Margot Comer

    Oils A painter in oils, I am disciplined in impressionist use of color and principles of composition. My paintings are owned by clients around the US, particularly in Northern California. […]

  • Jennifer Haffke

    Jennifer Haffke

    Oils I am honored to share my art with you.  I was born in Reno and raised in Sparks, Nevada. As a very young girl riding my horse out in […]

  • Eileen Smith-Cavros

    Eileen Smith-Cavros

    Multiple Media Eileen Smith-Cavros is an artist and sociologist/anthropologist. She has approached her art and research from Mexico to Ghana to the western United States using visual anthropology, painting, photography […]

  • Jeff Willis

    Jeff Willis

    Oils My journey into painting began not as a painter but as a photographer. I have always enjoyed taking pictures on vacations. We recently took a trip from California to […]

  • Debra Soule

    Debra Soule

    Oils There is so much joy that I derive from painting – seeing something in the world with new eyes that inspires an interpretation of the landscape and its inhabitants. […]

  • Christa Mclaughin

    Christa Mclaughin

    Oils I’ve been an artist for over 45 years. I am mostly self-taught. I love color and enjoy painting landscapes. Painting animals is one of my favorite pastimes. I currently […]

  • Cathryn Cowan

    Cathryn Cowan

    Oils Cathy spent her formative years in the Missouri River Valley of South Dakota. Her appreciation of the outdoors was nurtured by the activities of hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking […]

  • Carol Grigus

    Carol Grigus

    Oils “Imagine you are walking in the woods on a snowy day. The absolute quiet is intoxicating! The colors of snow, the shadows, reflections; The sights, sounds, and smells fill […]

  • Barbara Maclean

    Barbara Maclean

    Oils Barbara grew up in Nevada and earned a fine arts degree at the University of Nevada in 1955, instructed by Dr. Craig Sheppard. Additional art courses have been taken […]

  • Rebecca Griffin Gross

    Rebecca Griffin Gross

    Multiple Media “For 20 plus years I have been creating and selling art in a variety of mediums. This includes Oils, Watercolor, Pastel, Graphite/Ink, and Collage. My work can be […]

  • Veryal Zimmerman

    Veryal Zimmerman

    Multiple Media After graduating from SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY with a BFA, Veryal focused exclusively on her painting, working mostly on very large paintings, (8 feet by 8 […]

  • Sandi Burke

    Sandi Burke

    Multiple Media My first art lesson was at Truckee Meadows Community College.  Oils held my artistic fascination for almost two years until I was exposed to watercolors, and then it […]

  • Marguerite Crokus

    Marguerite Crokus

    Multiple Media Art Background and Training: BA from West Virginia University UNR art classes Plein Air workshops with Jean LeGassick, Thaleia Georgiades, Monika Johnson OLLI with Larry Jacox Honors, Awards, […]

  • Lisa Jefferson

    Lisa Jefferson

    Multiple Media My paintings are inspired by the natural beauty and light that I find around me on hikes, walks, and snowshoe treks in the Lake Tahoe area and northern Nevada. […]

  • Joyce Rossi

    Joyce Rossi

    Multiple Media Originally from Marin County, California, Joyce Rossi has lived in Northern Nevada for sixty years. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, with a degree in […]

  • John Denton

    John Denton

    Multiple Media John Denton Joined Latimer Art Club in 2012. He’s not much for computers, so this is a rewrite of an interview conducted by VP Carol Evans: When did […]

  • Jann Selleck

    Jann Selleck

    Multiple Media I consider myself primarily a painter and sculptor having had classic training in the ‘Arts’. Graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I Moved to […]

  • Cheryln Bennett

    Cheryln Bennett

    Multiple Media Watercolor reflects the mood and soul of the subject she is trying to convey. Many of Cheryln’s paintings reflect traditional themes from prehistoric rock art to nature’s bounties […]

  • Carola Nan Roach

    Carola Nan Roach

    Multiple Media Carola Nan Roach, a local Reno artist, was born in New York, raised in Berkeley, and received her Bachelors of Fine Art from the California College of Arts […]

  • Carol Foldvary-Anderson

    Carol Foldvary-Anderson

    Multiple Media “Creating Beauty – Inspiring Joy!” Multi Award Winning Artist/Designer and Arts Educator   Published Author / Illustrator /CalligrapherInventor -Oil Pastel Smudge For Carol Foldvary-Anderson, artistic expression is ongoing, and it […]

  • Anette Rink

    Anette Rink

    Multiple Media Watercolor and Alcohol Inks have two important characteristics in common. Once they are let out of a bottle or a tube, they have a life of their own.  […]

  • Tricia Poulos Leonard

    Tricia Poulos Leonard

    Mixed Media Tricia Poulos Leonard Artist I am a graduate of UCLA with a degree in studio art. While at UCLA I studied with renowned artist, Richard Diebenkorn, who greatly […]

  • Terrye Kocher

    Terrye Kocher

    Mixed Media After a career in high-tech, I now have the luxury to focus on my creative side.  I like to explore different mediums and techniques, but I find making […]

  • Liz Paganelli

    Liz Paganelli

    Mixed Media Elizabeth Paganelli has lived and worked in theLake Tahoe area for the past thirty years.She received a BFA from California College of theArts, and an MA from John […]

  • Joanna Drakos

    Joanna Drakos

    Acrylic I was born in Athens, Greece. My family emigrated to the United States when I was very young and settled inCharlotte, North Carolina. I was raised in a hard-working, […]

  • Charlene (Char) Hadwin

    Charlene (Char) Hadwin

    Acrylic Upon retirement from successful careers in the private and non-profit sectors, Char began exploring ways to express her life’s journey through her canvas paintings and the upcycling of discarded […]

  • Deborah Stevenson

    Deborah Stevenson

    Acrylic Art, for me, means connecting with the landscape of the heart in a most intimate way. Touching brush to paint to canvas is an act of love that expresses […]

  • Maggi Shipley

    Maggi Shipley

    Acrylic Maggi was born in Bootle, Liverpool, England.From there, she moved to California in 1959.She lived in Sedona, AZ, from 190 to 2006 and now lives in Reno. In California, […]

  • Jon Edmondo

    Jon Edmondo

    Acrylic Jon grew up in Marin County, California and spent his early days hiking and biking the roads and trails of the rolling California hills. Jon always had an interest […]

  • Elizabeth Mast

    Elizabeth Mast

    Acrylic I have been making art as long as I have been able to hold a paintbrush, and my childhood doodles quickly turned into a deep love for art. Coming […]