Tricia Poulos Leonard

Tricia Poulos Leonard

Mixed Media

Tricia Poulos Leonard Artist

I am a graduate of UCLA with a degree in studio art. While at UCLA I studied with renowned artist, Richard Diebenkorn, who greatly influenced my development as an artist. I followed my university years with 30 years of teaching, counseling, and administering in the California public schools. I have been a full-time artist since retiring in 2007. I have since attended classes with John Salmenin, Robert Burridge, Donna Watson, and many other contemporary artists. These classes and my background in Abstract Expressionism have greatly influenced my current painting style.

My way of working is highly original. I sometimes start with an idea of what I will be painting, but the idea takes on a life of its own in the course of the creation. As I work on a piece, I find that thoughts and feelings that I have suppressed come through the painting as it progresses.  My inspirations are from my relationships as a wife and mother, my travels throughout the world, and my own internal struggle to understand the meaning of life. My hope is that my work will communicate the recognition of common human experience and joy to my viewers. My work expresses emotions from pure joy with life to the dark moments we all experience.

I have been certified as a Creativity Coach by Eric Maisel and have coached and taught courses in creativity to people interested in expanding their creative inclinations in writing, visual arts, dance, acting, and music. I find that the desire to be creative is a universal human need that is often subverted by society. The artist must be strong to overcome anxiety and self-criticism. Creating art is my first true love. I feel blessed to have the time to spend working at my art and working with other similarly ‘obsessed’ artists.

I am also an art teacher and currently teach art classes at my local community college and workshops through local art associations. By exploring the avenues to creativity, my workshop participants expand their awareness of the beauty of life and find an outlet for realizing their dreams.

From my creativity coaching and teaching I have found that there are many creative people who are interested in becoming selling artists but do not know how to proceed. Because of this, I wrote a book to guide them through the process of becoming professional. That book is “The Artist’s Map to Success” and is available on Amazon.

The book is organized in twelve steps that take the reader through twelve steps to achieving professional status. There are tasks to be completed by the reader at the end of each chapter. My intent is for the aspiring artist to read one chapter a week, do the tasks then proceed to the next chapter. At the end of twelve weeks, the reader will be on their way to being successful as a professional artist.

I have created a series of art lessons to teach students the basics and more advanced techniques of creating water-media and mixed media paintings. There are twelve lessons that will be offered through YouTube on my channel: Tricia Poulos Leonard. The lessons are in three stages: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. In the four basic lessons, I review color mixing and value studies. In the four intermediate lessons, I explore different surfaces to paint on and how to add mixed media elements to the painting. In the last four advanced lessons, we do work that expresses the individuality of the artist. My goal is for the individual artist to express her personal vision through art.

I find great joy in creating my art and I would like to inspire others to find that joy. Through focusing on something he or she loves and sharing it with others, a person becomes healthier, happier, and whole. By taking my classes and reading my book, the artist will grow in skill and competence and be able to become financially as well as emotionally enriched.