Veryal Zimmerman

Veryal Zimmerman

Multiple Media

After graduating from SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY with a BFA, Veryal focused exclusively on her painting, working mostly on very large paintings, (8 feet by 8 feet, and 8 feet by 12. But as her work evolved, she began to favor the 4 foot custom- made canvas). Preparing her custom canvases requires focus: after ordering the stretcher bars and rolls of canvas, careful measuring of canvas three times to make sure it is the proper size before cutting, then after stapling the canvas to the stretcher bars, and priming three times before declaring it ready to paint on, then the painting begins. Although each canvas is custom-made for the idea of the moment, the final paintings often end up being part of a series.

Living on the East Coast she had an opportunity to open a gallery for the purpose of renting wall space to both established and emerging artists. This offered new artists a chance to establish and expand their artistic careers. The gallery thrived for several years before the recession.  That was the point when Veryal decided to focus her energy on exhibiting her own artwork which also was eventful until several more galleries opened as the town became an art community leading to major competitions among the artists.

Now, as a newcomer to the Great Basin area, Veryal is pursuing her own art career with a keen focus and savoring the rich natural resources and unique weather of Nevada as a never-ending inspiration for new work.