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Acrylic and drawing

 John Denton Joined Latimer Art Club in 2012. He’s not much for computers, so this is a rewrite of an interview conducted by VP Carol Evans: When did you first start painting? I have always sketched. My mother tried to send me outside, but I stayed at the kitchen table, drawing. In high school, my teachers encouraged me. They asked to keep some of my art work. I figured that was a good sign — that I should stay with it. In college, I studied graphics and obtained an Associate degree in Art in 1973.

The style that best describes me is Rustic. When I lived in the Bay area I used to drive to Elko, Zion Canyon, and Las Vegas to take photos and prospect. I drove to Kingman and Oatman, Arizona — a Route 66 ghost town. I visited Taos, New Mexico and Georgia O’Keefe’s exhibit. I also admire Van Gogh’s works. I drive to many locations for ideas, and prospect because I enjoy the outdoors and enjoy painting in those locations. In college I sketched from photos of

American Indians and began my art interest in the Mexican-American war. I worked up, from drawing, pen and ink, silk-screened posters, to painting. I did hundreds of graphic designs, blending some 60-s and 70’s style psychedelic art.

In 2014 I incorporated computer graphics and put my art prints on display for sale. Today I take photos at Virginia City, old Silver City mines, and other historic locations.

My strongest asset is that I stick to things and am curious to try different ideas. My father was in the military and we moved a lot. I didn’t have much room for money for painting, so I made it work. I’ve been a house painter and sign painter, which gave me experience dealing with people and difficult jobs. And after I retired from Contra Cost County I moved to Reno and pursued my acrylic paintings and pen & ink graphics. I grew up mostly on my own so, I like to go my own way. The Latimer Art Club gives me ideas about showing my work, the chance to reach the public and sell my art.

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P.O. Box 1506
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Moana Nursery Design Center

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