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“Carrying on a tradition of Art Excellence in Reno since 1921.”

Active (Full) Membership is open to producing Fine Arts artists/sculptors who are willing to exhibit new work at the LAC annual shows and support the club through ongoing participation and service. All active members must be voted in by the membership based on their personal artwork. Approved Active Members will enjoy the benefits of the club as well as the camaraderie of our members.

(Note: For purposes of LAC membership, “Fine Arts” include painting, pastels, sketching/drawing (pencil, pen, and ink). Sculpture includes “one-of-a-kind original, not mass-produced pottery or crafts,” per LAC Bylaws.) Photography and textiles are not allowed at this time.

Active Membership Annual Dues:  $30

Active Member Benefits

  1. Exhibits. Discounted entry fees on LAC exhibitions each year, held throughout the Reno-Sparks and Washoe County area. Most exhibits sponsored by LAC are “members only” to ensure adequate space and sales opportunity for their artwork.
  2. Published Announcements. Announcement of classes and events in the LAC newsletter and on the club website.
  3. Leadership. All Active Members are eligible to serve on the LAC Board as an officer, director, manager or member of a committee.
  4. “Meet the Members” Artist Pages. Your artwork and contact details will be featured on the LAC website at no additional cost to you. 

Associate Membership Annual Dues:  $20

Associate Member Benefits

  1.  Definition of Associate Member: A supporter of art and artists. You are welcome to participate in Latimer Art Club meetings and volunteer activities. Note: Associate members are not permitted to exhibit.
  2. Welcome to Attend All Events: As an art supporter, you are invited to meetings, exhibitions and “Plein Air” paint outs all year round.
  3. Published announcements: Receive the LAC newsletter and meeting/membership information via the Club e-mail system.
  4. Volunteer Opportunities: Join the fun and challenge in helping the Art Show Committee with check-in, categorizing, hanging our artists’ work at the exhibits, and gallery receptions.

Our Meetings

All meetings will be conducted at the Moana Nursery Conference Center, 1190 West Moana Lane, Reno, Nevada, every even month beginning in February, on the second Saturday of the month, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Hours for the December meeting may begin at 12:30 p.m. to accommodate the annual holiday luncheon/meeting.

We begin each meeting by catching up on LAC news and sharing club and member events.  This is a great platform for members to announce their personal exhibits or classes that they are teaching in the community. We love spreading the word throughout Northern Nevada to promote these events on the LAC website and in newsletters. We invite a professional presenter for each meeting and finish off with a door prize and 50/50 raffle (50% of the raffle goes to the LAC scholarship fund.)  Guests of members are always welcome.  If you like us, apply to become a member.

The Process to Become an Active LAC Member

As a member, you will belong to a professional community of artists and supporters.  Because LAC is a specialized organization, we have established membership standards that promote quality artwork, professional ethics, and the teamwork necessary to plan and execute outstanding exhibitions for public attendance and sales.

Contact the Membership Director to express your interest. The Director will advise you how to complete the online or printed application.  The application must be received at least five (5) days prior to the next regular meeting.  As a prospective new member, you are required to bring:

(1) Three (3) original paintings, drawings, or sculptures. See “Artwork Preparation” below.

(2) A one-page biography and/or artist’s statement, with your photo (formal or informal), to display at the meeting. (Photo may be printed on the biography.)

Artwork Preparation. Please mat and/or frame your paintings or drawings as you would prepare the items for an exhibit. You may place a tag (with paintings’ Titles and Mediums) on the frame.

Frames and mats should be of good quality and in compliance with general exhibit standards (no scratches, holes, or dirty glass). Hardware for hanging is not required as the artwork will be placed on tables. If you have questions, discuss them with the Membership Director. (Note: See Contact information below.)

Voting. The Board and all attending members will review your artwork and vote by secret ballot.  The prospective member must receive a 3/4 majority affirmative vote of the active members present.  The prospective member will be notified within one week.


 Active Member Applicants:  Please contact Alain Couder, Membership Director, to schedule you on the agenda with your paintings for display at the next meeting.  Also, complete the Membership Application online or print the application and mail it with your biography/photo for receipt by the date Alain Couder assigns. You do not need to submit Dues payment at this time.

Associate Member Applicants:  Please contact Alain Couder, Membership Director, for instructions on submitting the application.

Please note:  The application includes an Indemnity Waiver to be signed by every new member.  If you have questions, feel free to ask the Membership Director.

We look forward to welcoming you at the next Latimer Art Club meeting! Feel free to bring a family member or guest.

Reminder to Membership Candidates:
You must submit your application online or by USPO Mail to arrive 5 days before the next membership meeting. Watch for your email receipt from the membership director.
No walk-ins and No late applications, please.