Carol Foldvary-Anderson

Carol Foldvary-Anderson

Multiple Media

“Creating Beauty – Inspiring Joy!” 
Multi Award Winning Artist/Designer and Arts Educator  

Published Author / Illustrator /Calligrapher
Inventor -Oil Pastel Smudge

For Carol Foldvary-Anderson, artistic expression is ongoing, and it is her vehicle for change, spiritual growth, and transformation in her own life and in the lives she is able to touch.

A notable contribution is her “Oil Pastel Smudge” technique, blending art and mathematics, which has surpassed her expectations with support from institutions like the Nevada State Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.  

Foldvary-Anderson’s elegant calligraphy graces the Nevada State Legislature. In 2024, she secured funding for her “We Are Our Words!” project, blending calligraphy and photography to celebrate Women’s wisdom.

Foldvary-Anderson has been a catalyst for artistic networking, hosting workshops and classes in her favorite mediums and lecturing on making art a viable business endeavor.   She is honored and proud to be the Presenter/Arranger for the Latimer Art Club,  bringing influential speakers to engage with the group.