Anette Rink

Anette Rink

Multiple Media

Watercolor and Alcohol Inks have two important characteristics in common. Once they are let out of a bottle or a tube, they have a life of their own.  After working in the highly scripted setting of bio-medical laboratories for more than 25 years I was looking for a painting style that allowed spontaneity.  Both media have a certain ‘uncontrollable’ aspect to them. Even though I like my paintings to be bright, I often work in a limited color palette (usually not more than 3 or 4 different colors in a painting). Most of my paintings are painted in a style that is referred to as ‘loose’, meaning that I don’t paint a lot of details and let the viewer fill in the details. Many of my paintings also contain some abstraction or are outright abstract. My more representational paintings usually depict nature in some form. I paint anything from plankton to galaxies.