Deborah Stevenson

Deborah Stevenson


Art, for me, means connecting with the landscape of the heart in a most intimate way. Touching brush to paint to canvas is an act of love that expresses a deep communion with the natural world. The ephemeral nature of reality makes my place in the universe all the more precious. When I slow down and see things clearly, I discover a space within my own heart/mind that is luminous and bright. My painting is an expression of our deepest human longing to reconnect with the light and spaciousness of our own true nature. Meeting the landscape face-to-face means coming home.

In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the vast Nevada landscape one step at a time. Hiking in remote mountain ranges challenges me to be mindful of the stark beauty and the silence. Mostly I just listen, but sometimes, when the lighting is just right, I take photos, which I later translate into painting. My genre is naturalism and I work primarily in acrylics. I layer colors to express light and vibrancy—the life force that flows through and connects all things.

My painting Radiance, was inspired by a hiking trip to Lamoille Canyon with several girlfriends last fall. Despite a recent fire, the canyons along Lamoille Creek were remarkably lush. After camping at a USFS site, we meandered through shimmering aspen forests carpeted with golden grasses. High above, approaching clouds warned us that winter was coming. The canyon walls were stark and imposing. Solid. Steadfast. Imperturbable. I chose to keep the foreground of my painting simple. My focus was the interplay of sparkling light and shadowy rocks. Wild Nevada at its best!