Stephen Haws

Stephen Haws


Stephen Haws loves traditional arts and mediums. His father was an accomplished artist, sculpting figures and painting landscapes. From the time Stephen was 12, you could find him out in his dad’s studio, helping his dad cast sculptures and clean them up for painting.

Stephen fell in love with doing art when he began studying at Utah State University in 2004. He loved the challenge of drawing and painting from life and the freedom of choosing how to approach a subject. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in art from Utah Valley University, Stephen continued his studies at the Masters Academy of Art and the Beaux Arts Academy. Part of his Beaux Arts Academy study took him to Rome for five weeks to study the old masters in person. Stephen was featured in a classical art show at the Springville Museum of Art in 2016. He also participated in painting a large classically inspired mural for the national conference of the Institute of Classical Art and Architecture in 2017.

Stephen works from his home in Sun Valley, NV, located just outside of Reno. He continues to paint in the classical style, producing artwork that reflects the goodness that he sees in life and the people around him.