Jutta Gietl

Jutta Gietl


Jutta Gietl is a contemporary artist, who lives in Reno, NV.

Born in Germany, Nuremberg, she immigrated to the US in 1997 to start an optical prescription lense manufacturing company in Reno, NV. She holds a master degree in Material sciences and engineering and worked all over the world . She always had a passion for art and pursued it in Germany and in the US. After she retired from the business world she follows her passion. Her Media is mainly Oil on Canvas and mixed Media.

Her main source of inspiration is the constant exploration of her environment . She considers herself a woods-and beachcomber., who collects impressions while walking. She catches the feeling of the first moment, a glimpse, that takes in the comprehensive view and then starts the thoughts hidden behind. The digestion of this cocktail is expressed in Oil on Canvas with dynamic brushstrokes . and transformed into the visual language. You find multiple pictures within one painting to express the feelings behind the obvious and give space for the viewer to start their own journey of imagination and emotions.