Bill Burrows

Bill Burrows


Bill has been trying to be an artist since he was a boy in Illinois.  But it has only been since retiring almost ten years ago that he has begun to draw and paint with some regularity.  And it has only been in the last year, after discovering the Artists Co-op of Reno Gallery and, through them, the Latimer Art Club, that Bill has really got serious about earning the right to call himself a working artist.  

Bill’s focus has always been on wildlife, motivated by two major events.  The first was his family moving to Alaska in 1963, where seeing big game animals like moose, Dall sheep, grizzly bear, and caribou was not uncommon. The second was his older brother subscribing to Outdoor Life magazine and Bill seeing, for the first time,  the amazing illustrations by renowned wildlife artist Bob Kuhn.  

Bill paints with acrylics–not only because that was Bob Kuhn’s preferred medium but also because Bill’s stepmother hated the smell of turpentine.  Now, inspired by the work of his new-found artist friends, Bill is experimenting with oil pastels–and has just started his first oil painting in over fifty years! 

Being asked to serve as LAC president is an incredible honor, and Bill looks forward to an exciting and productive 2024—with a lot of help from his friends! 

Bill has been married to Susan for forty-six years.  They have three children and six grandchildren.