Cheryln Bennett

Cheryln Bennett

Multiple Media

Watercolor reflects the mood and soul of the subject she is trying to convey. Many of Cheryln’s paintings reflect traditional themes from prehistoric rock art to nature’s bounties of leaves and flowers.

She has won many awards for her watercolors. Her brush brings to life a wide variety of subjects from the inviting serenity of an old, weathered door to the delightful frolic of Kokopelli dancers.

Sometimes her paintings are on woven paper and have a three-dimensional aspect to them. Sometimes, she just mixes it all up in a Fiber Art form that is uniquely her own.

She believes that art is a realistic challenge and is constantly striving to improve her artistic skills. She creates with a sense of excitement, knowing that she will always be a student of art.

Cheryln believes that one must create constantly. An artist shouldn’t wait for inspiration to strike, instead just start working and the inspiration will come. It is imperative that the artist loves whatever they do. To keep growing, one must stretch beyond what is comfortable and strive for goals that may seem impossible.

Cheryln hopes she never “settles down” to one kind of art. Her philosophy is “treat art as the gift that it is”; keep an open mind to learn and discover new things: …. and always keep a playful attitude as an artist.