Category: Oils

  • Stephen Haws

    Stephen Haws

    Oils Stephen Haws loves traditional arts and mediums. His father was an accomplished artist, sculpting figures and painting landscapes. From the time Stephen was 12, you could find him out […]

  • Trina Craig

    Trina Craig

    Oils Trina Craig (1961- ) was born and raised on the western slopes of the northern California Sierra Nevada’s. She picked up her first paintbrush when she was 2 years […]

  • Sue Perry

    Sue Perry

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  • Maureen (Moze) Hoban

    Maureen (Moze) Hoban

    Oils As a child, I was fortunate to be introduced to fine art as a young student at The Art Institute of Chicago. There, I took classes in their “Junior” […]

  • Margot Comer

    Margot Comer

    Oils A painter in oils, I am disciplined in impressionist use of color and principles of composition. My paintings are owned by clients around the US, particularly in Northern California. […]

  • Jennifer Haffke

    Jennifer Haffke

    Oils I am honored to share my art with you.  I was born in Reno and raised in Sparks, Nevada. As a very young girl riding my horse out in […]

  • Jeff Willis

    Jeff Willis

    Oils My journey into painting began not as a painter but as a photographer. I have always enjoyed taking pictures on vacations. We recently took a trip from California to […]

  • Debra Soule

    Debra Soule

    Oils There is so much joy that I derive from painting – seeing something in the world with new eyes that inspires an interpretation of the landscape and its inhabitants. […]

  • Christa Mclaughin

    Christa Mclaughin

    Oils I’ve been an artist for over 45 years. I am mostly self-taught. I love color and enjoy painting landscapes. Painting animals is one of my favorite pastimes. I currently […]

  • Cathryn Cowan

    Cathryn Cowan

    Oils Cathy spent her formative years in the Missouri River Valley of South Dakota. Her appreciation of the outdoors was nurtured by the activities of hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking […]

  • Carol Grigus

    Carol Grigus

    Oils “Imagine you are walking in the woods on a snowy day. The absolute quiet is intoxicating! The colors of snow, the shadows, reflections; The sights, sounds, and smells fill […]

  • Barbara Maclean

    Barbara Maclean

    Oils Barbara grew up in Nevada and earned a fine arts degree at the University of Nevada in 1955, instructed by Dr. Craig Sheppard. Additional art courses have been taken […]