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  • Vicki Toy-Smith

    Vicki Toy-Smith

    Water Media Vicki Toy-Smith has lived in Nevada since 1992. She paints watercolors on a variety of subjects.  Her landscapes are based on various scenes of Nevada and the West. […]

  • Valerie Cohen

    Valerie Cohen

    Water Media Valerie Patricia Cohen was born in 1946, in Pasadena, California, daughter of the distinguished mountaineers Ruth and John Mendenhall.  She completed B.A. and M.A. degrees in English Literature […]

  • Ronnie Rector

    Ronnie Rector

    Water Media I started painting after a watercolor workshop I took in October of 2008. I discovered I have some talent with this medium and am absolutely fell in love […]

  • Laurel Sweigart

    Laurel Sweigart

    Water Media Laurel Sweigart began painting at a very young age, taking her first painting class in the third grade. She has explored many mediums such as oil, acrylic, pastel, […]

  • Kathryn Dudley

    Kathryn Dudley

    Water Media Kathryn is a lifelong Reno resident. She has considered herself an artist from a very young age with a God-given Talent. She is mostly a self-trained artist but […]

  • Judy Welsh

    Judy Welsh

    Water Media Judy Welsh holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art from San Jose State University, where she also did graduate work in art.  Her work has been accepted into Splash […]

  • Jean Hare

    Jean Hare

    Water Media Jean Hare has lived most her life in Northern Nevada, which has given her a love for the beautiful scenery the Sierras and the desert have to offer. […]

  • Graciala Mancini

    Graciala Mancini

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  • Eileen Fuller

    Eileen Fuller

    Water Media Eileen Fuller is the current show chair for LAC and twice past president. She is also active in Sierra Watercolor Society and is the 2020 president of the […]

  • Colleen Reynolds

    Colleen Reynolds

    Water Media Colleen Reynolds owns and operates a business dedicated to watercolor creation, display, and teaching. She is a watercolor instructor with the Western Nevada College (WNC). Colleen has a […]

  • Carol Gillies

    Carol Gillies

    Water Media As a recently retired local resident – I have begun to pursue my lifetime interest in fine art, more specifically, watercolor painting. I have been interested in drawing […]

  • Carol Alice Evans

    Carol Alice Evans

    Water Media Carol joined Latimer Art Club in 2018. “The Club’s main attraction for me was how inspiring it is to learn from other artists,” she said. “Observing their accomplishments […]

  • Breanne Craig

    Breanne Craig

    Water Media “Breanne is a commissioned based watercolor portrait artist living in Reno, NV. Her portraits range from horses, dogs and cats to people and everything in between. She feels […]