Category: Pastels

  • Tamami Takutake

    Tamami Takutake

    Pastels I am Tamami Tokutake, and I’m a pastelist. I cannot tell you how good it feels to say that. I’m a self-taught, late-starter artist, and joining Latimer Art Club […]

  • Luverne Lightfoot

    Luverne Lightfoot

    Pastels I’m LUVERNE LIGHTFOOT and I have been an active Latimer Art Club member since 1983, serving as President in 1985. MY ART JOURNEY began early with pencil drawings and in […]

  • Dorrie Rapp

    Dorrie Rapp

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  • Bonita Paulis

    Bonita Paulis

    Pastels Nothing gives me more joy than to hike and explore and paint this Wild Western Landscape.  I have lived in the “Rare Air ” of the Sierra Nevada Lake […]