Tamami Tokutake

I live in Reno with my husband, son, an adopted dog, and an ex-neighbor’s cat.


After 33 years in the Bay Area and a long career in high-tech, I finally decided to slow down the busy way of life, cut down my work hours, and move to Reno, where I can have my studio and start enjoying my artistic pursuits surrounded by the incredible nature. That’s when the pandemic hit. Although I am not a very social being, I believe that artists need to connect to other artists. The camaraderie, support, input, and learning different views are essential to growth.  So now that social isolation is almost behind us, I wanted to be a part of this local, historic, and established art group, so I can learn and grow as an artist.

I primarily paint landscapes in soft pastel. This medium suits my personality as it’s very forgiving. I see a lot of tactile similarity between pastel and spinning yarn, which I also love.

Creating artwork is a constant learning process. I love the act of painting; it forces me to have a silent conversation with myself. “What am I trying to express? What is my story?” I want to go beyond just painting beautiful things beautifully, and I need to express something more. But I don’t know what it is yet. I hope I’ll find it someday.

I am a native of Japan, now a naturalized citizen. I have two non-art degrees from universities in both countries. I would have loved to be able to say I have an MFA, but I don’t think that would happen in this lifetime. My career was mostly in high-tech, but I also worked as an editor for a natural encyclopedia in Japan; one of the most interesting jobs on which I learned a lot and got to travel all over the country. I currently work remotely for a research company in the Bay Area.

I am a member of Red Rock Pastel Society of Nevada, and my paintings have been accepted into their Juried Member Web Show 2021 and Marin County Fair Art Show 2019 (juried). My work has also been shown at Marin Society of Artists gallery.


Tamami’s Art

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P.O. Box 1506
Reno, NV 89505

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Moana Nursery Design Center

1190 W Moana Lane

Reno, NV 89509

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