Ronnie Rector

Ronnie Rector

Water Media

Ronnie Rector

I started painting after a watercolor workshop I took in October of 2008. I discovered I have some talent with this medium and am absolutely fell in love with it, how colors mix in water, how they can fight with each other, what salt (or chardonnay) do to a wash,

Currently, I have been painting some of the Gothic scenes I discovered in Europe. The talent of carving stone into beautiful images, and the intricate details found on the facades of churches, amaze me.  What would we be making with our hands today if it weren’t for cell phones, Facebook and Instagram?

I joined the Sierra Watercolor Society in Reno in 2009 and, through them, have had access to workshops by amazing artists, including the late Charles Reid, John Salminen, Karen Frey, and Gerald Brommer. I have been the Society’s board secretary for 3 years, newsletter chair for over 3 years, and will finish my 2-year duty as board president in January 2020.

I am also a member of the Nevada Artists Association, the Latimer Art Club, and hold signature status with the California Watercolor Association. I work full time as a Public Works Contracts Administrator and enjoy teaching watercolor techniques at the Nevada Museum of Art and other venues.