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Ralph Bennett Portfolio Mare & Foal Ink water color

Pen, Ink, & Water Color

Ralph Bennett is a Nevada artist residing in Reno and he is a member of the ARTISTS” CO-OPERATIVE OF RENO art galley and has been since 1988. He is an award-winning artist from his participation in numerous Northern Nevada, Northern California, and International art shows. His paintings are owned by art lovers all over the world.

Ralph has never had formal art training. He began drawing when he was a young boy growing up on a cattle ranch in the wilds of Wyoming. He spent a lot of time, in the evenings when the day’s work was done, sketching horses on notebook paper by the light of a kerosene lamp.

Ralph is a Pen and Ink artist. He likes the impact that the contrast of black on white gives to his detailed subjects. Most times he adds watercolor to his pen and inks to enhance the mood of the paintings. His detailed pen and inks span a wide range of subjects from a proud old steam train to the simple lines of a cowboy at the end of the day.

He chooses art subjects that he feels to have “character”. His favorite subject matter is western history, and he selects topics that he feels will tell a story of a simpler time in our past. An old abandoned mine or a rusty broken-down truck will get him excited about getting the image on paper. He wants others to feel the sense of history that the image brings to him.

Ralph’s artwork can be seen at the ARTISTS” CO-OP GALLERY in Reno.

Ralph’s Art

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P.O. Box 1506
Reno, NV 89505

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Moana Nursery Design Center

1190 W Moana Lane

Reno, NV 89509

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