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Latimer Art Club celebrates its 100th Year Anniversary

Reno, Nevada April 1st through April 30th 2021

Hosted by the Artist Co Op Gallery of Reno during the month of April 2021


“Celebrating 100 Years of Art and Community”


Celebrating 100 Years of Art in Nevada April’s show is hosted by the Artist Co Op Gallery of Reno located at 627 Mill St. Reno, Nevada.  Over 35 Latimer members with 95 paintings will be on display and available for sale during the month of April.  This art show is the first of a series of art shows/events in 2021 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the oldest art club in Nevada.

“It’s an honor to be the President of the Latimer Art Club.  This show is the first of three celebration shows this year with art that will be for sale and/or on exhibit representing member’s art” says Vicki Curwen, President Latimer Art Club.

Carrying On A Tradition of Art Excellence In Reno For 100 Years, the Latimer Art Club, also known as LAC, is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the fine arts in a wide variety of mediums throughout the state. Healthy interaction among our fellow artists is encouraged, as well as the growth and improvement of each person as individuals.  The LAC encourages skill development in creative young people and provides yearly educational scholarships to eligible art students.

Lorenzo Latimer greatly influenced Nevada’s artists in the early 1900s. He was a successful artist and teacher in the Bay Area of Northern California and traveled to Reno, Nevada many times a year to teach outdoors known as Plein Air painting.  In 1921 a number of Latimer’s Reno students organized the Latimer Art Club. Early members of the LAC, known as “Latimers”, became a strong organization supporting the arts in Reno. Today the “Latimers” keep the legacy strong ensuring growth for many more years to come.

Come out and visit the Artist Co Op Gallery and meet with local artists and enjoy all the Gallery has to offer.                         

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