"Plein Air"

99 years of paint-outs

“Plein Air”

Painting by Lorenzo Latimer “The Latimer Tree” – Gardner St.

The practice of “Plein Air” goes back for centuries but was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists. Today, it’s a flourishing trend in the art world.  Artists come together and go on excursions to “paint out” in the beautiful parts of the Sierras located in Nevada and California. 

Our paint-outs are devoted to this practice and occur from April to October. We head out on the 2nd Wednesday. Take a look at our schedule and add it to your calendar. 

Whether one is inspired by the mountains, river, pond or lake, this is a rewarding experience regardless of your medium.   

If you have suggestions of where we should paint next, fill out the form below.  

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Latimer Paint Out Chair

Quote From Carol Grigus

Painting directly from Nature is my passion and hopefully, it can be for many of you who were brave enough to enjoy Mother Nature’s vagaries. I love the challenge of painting outdoors. The smells, sights, the light and being “in situ” gives me an incredible sense of being one with Mother Nature…the Japanese call it “shin-rin yoku”…forest bathing. I call it heavenly!
John Muir said it well: “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”.

Profile pic of Carol Grigus
Paint outs


Location of 2020 Paintouts

When Do We Go?

The 2nd Wednesday of the Month

April through October

meeting @ 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

You don’t have to be a member to join us.

It’s open to all artists.

Planned 2021 Locations

 San Rafael Arboretum, Reno

River Fork Ranch Genoa, NV

Stewart Indian School, Carson City

Tahoe Meadows.

ROOFTOP PAINT  at the Nevada Museum of Art.

Virginia City

Galena Creek Park


It’s December 2020 and I’m feeling rather worn out by this Covid pandemic. I’m sure all of you have similar thoughts about
how it has affected your life and families.
Let’s remain safe and healthy thru the course of this.
My silver lining in all of this is that our PAINTOUTS, though shortened, continued July thru October with several location changes.

Our 2020 PAINTOUTs were 4 in total:

JULY PAINTOUT was at the MAY Arboretum. Three of us gathered to paint and enjoy the arboretum’s many surprises,
including the magnificent rose garden, the wisteria, and always Evans creek streaming thru the ancient Black Willow trees.

AUGUST PAINTOUT was rescheduled for Galena Creek. Karolyn Bader, Ronnie Rector, Eileen Fuller, Larry Jacox, and I escaped
the heat & smoke of Reno, to enjoy painting spots along this cool mountain stream.

SEPTEMBER PAINTOUT was at Crystal Peak Park along the Truckee River. A favorite of many artists; 4 of us artists spent the
morning painting along its riverfront.

OCTOBER’s PAINTOUT and last of 2020 was at the River Fork Ranch in Genoa, Nevada. A Nature Conservancy site, we were very fortunate to have Lori Leonard from the NC there to open the Visitor’s Center to our group.

We had our largest turnout for this one, 5 of us! I consider the RFR one of our Nevada gems in the Carson Valley with views of Job’s peak and the surrounding ranches and mountains. After our ‘plein-air’ paint we celebrated with a ‘plein-air’ lunch at Wally’s hot springs.

THANKS to all who were able to join us this year!! PAINTING outdoors is a lot of work but soooo worth the effort. A special thanks go to Karolyn Bader who came to every one of these PAINTOUTS. Hopefully, 2021 will be open for everyone. Another big THANK YOU to my co-chair Marjee Smith.

Let us hope 2021 will be bigger and better for all of us. Happy Painting to all.


Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in PAINTING this winter.
I try to go out every Wednesday weather permitting. Also if you have any location ideas for 2021 let me know.



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