As of now, we have few details but more is sure to come. As we get closer this page will be updated.


What we know now. The date of the exhibition is October 1- 22nd, 2020.

It will be held at 

Artist Co-Op Gallery of Reno

627 Mill Street

Reno, NV

Admission to the Co-Op is always free

 Entry form will be posted on line be sure to check back often

Entry fee  for up to 5 entries

All fees are nonrefundable. Checks payable to Latimer Art Club (Not ACR)

  • LAC Members $25.00 flat fee/non members $35.00 flat fee
  • Artwork must be original, have been completed within the last 2 years and not shown in a previous LAC Miniature show.
  • The total image area of the painting must not exceed 36 square inches (i.e. 4 x 6 5 x 7, 6 x 6).
  • All artwork must be framed.
  • Frame opening not to exceed 80 square inches (8 x 10). This is the inside measurement of the frame.
  • Frame molding width no greater than one and one-half inches (1.5”)
  • Linen liners are considered comparable to mats and are acceptable.
  • Dust covers are required on the back of the frame except for oil/acrylic paintings done on stretched canvas.
  • No Uni-frames, Clip Frames, Sawtooth Hangers, Cardboard, Masking Tape, or Easel Backs left on the back of frames.
  • Paintings delivered chipped, cracked, damaged, dirty, or with the improper presentation will not be accepted
  • An entry label must be affixed to the back of each painting. Labels must be completely filled out including price. Do Not include sales tax.
  • All artwork must be for sale. 35% commission to ACR.


All entries must comply with these guidelines.

Latimer Art Club reserves the right to refuse any painting that does not comply with the requirements stated above.



  1. Oil/Acrylic
  2. Pastel
  3. Water Media
  4. Graphite/Ink Drawing
  5. Mixed Media & All Other Mediums*
  • For mixed media please indicate, on the label, all mediums used in artwork
  • No Photography, prints, crafts, or computer-generated art will be accepted.
  • The judge will make the final determination regarding questions of placement in categories.