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Latimer Art Club, also known as LAC, is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization, completely run by volunteers, and is dedicated to promoting the fine arts in a wide variety of mediums. It has been said the records of the Latimer Art Club provide a capsule history of Reno’s cultural community during the early twentieth century. We encourage healthy interaction among our fellow artists, as well as the growth and improvement of each person as individuals and continue exercising the body and mind as we learn to grow and improve as individuals. Our membership is an affordable way to join a community of like-minded artists.


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Our Meetings

With your membership you’ll have access to our meetings which are held every other month, starting in February. We start off the meeting by catching up on club news along with sharing club or member events. This is a great platform for members to announce any of their exhibitions or classes that they are teaching in the community. We love spreading the word throughout Reno and making sure to promote those events through our website and newsletters. It’s important to belong to a club that believes in its members. We have great presenters for each meeting and we finish off with a door prize and 50/50 raffle. 50% of the raffle goes to the scholarship fund. We’d love for you to come visit us. Guests are always welcome. If you like us, apply to be a member. 

What does it mean to be a member?

It means you belong to an awesome community!

Membership dues are only $30 a year for Active Membership and just $20 for Associate Members.

The Process to become an Active Member

Contact Susan Christopher to let her know of your interest. Once approved, a prospective new member must bring 3 original paintings or sculptures and a one-page biography with photos to show the membership at our regular meeting. The board and all attending members review the submitted artwork and vote as was stated earlier on the page. The voting will be done by secret ballot and the prospective member must receive a 3/4 majority affirmative vote of the active members present. The prospective member will be notified within the week. 

small dark blue paint brush icon image An Active Membership is open to producing painters/sculptors who agree to exhibit new work at the club’s annual shows. Approved Active members will enjoy the benefits of the club as well as the camaraderie of our members.

Active Membership Annual Dues: $30 

Member Benefits

  1. Exhibits. Discounted entry fees on our exhibitions each year. These events are held throughout Reno & Washoe County
  2. Published Announcements. Announcements of classes and events in our monthly newsletter and on our website.
  3. Leadership. You have an opportunity to serve on the Board as an officer or chairperson of a committee!
  4. Art Featured in Meet the Members Page: Artwork and contact details will be featured on our website.

small pencil icon image Associate members who will not be participating in our exhibitions but are art lovers, a friend of the arts, a gallery owner, or anyone who wants to be a part of a wonderful legacy.  Associate members do not need to submit artwork but must be sponsored by an Active Member and participation in club exhibits are limited. They do not have voting rights to vote in new artists but will have voting rights for motions at meetings.

Associate Membership Annual Dues: $20 

Member Benefits

  1. Attend All: Attend all meetings and “Plein air” paint-outs all year round.
  2. Published announcements. Announcements of classes and events in our monthly newsletter and on our website.
  3. Discounts: Associate members will receive discounts on public shows only.
Membership Dues

Application & Member Information

“Carrying on a tradition of Art Excellence in Reno since 1921.”

LAC asks those wanting to apply either as an Active or Associate member to please contact Susan Christopher to make arrangements to bring in your paintings at the next meeting. Also, print the membership application and bring it with your paintings on the date Susan has requested. We are so glad you’re joining us!




Susan Christopher 775-448-6747


Associative Members 

Annual Dues: $20 

Active Members 

Annual Dues: $30 

Once you click submit, your card will be charged each year. Don’t worry, you can cancel this at any time with the button below. 

Membership Renewals

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