Meet Our Board Members

All of these members are volunteers and they spend their spare time promoting the club and are active members in the community.

Minerva Pierce, Autumn Reflections, Idlewild Park, Reno, not dated. Watercolor on paper, 14 x 18 ½ inches. Private collection.

Board Members

Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis

2nd Vice President



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Margot Comer

Margot Comer

Jann Selleck

Jann Selleck

Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis

Committee Chairs

Profile Picture of Terrye Kocher

Membership Chair

Art Show Chair



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Paint outs- Carson City

Carolyn Runnells




Profile picture of the President Vicki Curwen

Friendship Chair

Profile Picture of Terrye Kocher

Assistant Membership Assistant Treasurer

Joyce Rossi Profile Picture

Assistant to Art Show Chair

Joyce Rossi



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Sharon Peters


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Website Chair

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Web Designer

Dana Nöllsch (ZenMedia)



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Newsletter Chair/Editor

Rich Haffke


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Michelle Hall


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Paint outs - Reno

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