The Latimer Art Club at the Metro Gallery: “Color, Light, and Contrast: The Latimer Art Club 2023”

The Latimer Art Club at the Metro Gallery: “Color, Light, and Contrast: The Latimer Art Club 2023”

The Latimer Art Club is signed up to show at the Metro Gallery (first floor) at City Hall, with the delivery of work due on or before January 4, 2023! I have confidence that a maximum of 30 of you can commit 1 LARGE or 2 medium paintings to this exhibit. Additionally, 3D work such as GLASS or SCULPTURES are also great for this location. Varied display pedestals are available. We will have 63 ft. of double or single hanging space.

“Woods Lake Reflection”
Watercolor by Eileen Fuller

Sharon Peters and I met with Ashley Gottleib, the City of Reno Arts and Culture Mgr., at the display location on Tuesday. Admittedly, it is a little cumbersome to get to. On weekdays, you must enter the building through the CalNeva (Sierra Street entrance) garage to the 2nd floor across a passageway into the building then to security. It is all well-marked. Once inside the building itself, you take the elevator to 1. The gallery is the exterior wall of the chamber meetings of the City of Reno. On meeting dates, the first-floor door facing Virginia Street becomes the main entrance through a metal detector screening that is put in place. There is an attractive seating area where we will hold a reception on January 12 from 5-7 PM. Front doors will be open for that event.

PLEASE respond to Sharon Peters ( with NAME, SIZE, MEDIUM & PRICE of your LARGE (over 20 x 24) or two smaller pieces by December 19th. We will want images for the catalog also, so send them along if you have them NOW. The city will be using various social media ways to promote the show, and the more varied images we provide them they can change them up. (A painting of mine is being used for the first press release, sorry!)  Our website will soon have an entry form to repeat some of those details, along with a $10 fee. Again, based on the space estimates, it looks to hold 30 members’ work, so we will be looking for “first 30 come, first served” with additional 3-d spaces.

“Color, Light and Contrast: The Latimer Art Club 2023” is our show title. That means ANY SUBJECT AND MEDIUM will work with strong design elements!

The show runs through February 17th. PRICES will not be permitted on the title cards but will be on-site in the catalog at the information kiosk.

Some of you heard about this show at the meeting on Dec. 10th for the first time, with not many details. For others of you, this is your first CLUE! I have stuck my neck out by signing a contract, so please don’t let me (or LAC’s reputation) down!

~~ Here is a link to the online application: Fill Out Application Here ~~

~~ Presentation and Framing Requirements ~~

~~ Print Labels Here ~~

Eileen Fuller LAC SHOW Chair


CC: Sharon Peters CO-SHOW 2023!