A 2020 Show

The Latimer Art Club presents…..

An “ARTOWN” event

This event was a huge success. 

A member’s only show of all mediums

Wilbur May Museum

1595 N Sierra St, Reno, NV 89503

Sardine by Sue Perry

Yosemite by Carol Foldvary-Anderson 

Paintings Hanging at the May Arboretum

“AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” has been quite a success!

As of the closing, 12 paintings have been sold!

Sunset on the Rio Grande II by Carola Roach $325
The Faded Desert by John Denton $100
Wilderness by Ginny Ritchie $350
Sagebrush Garden by Carol Evans $125
Freedom by Charlene Hadwin $150
Sunrise/Sunset (Verrazano Narrows to Golden Gate Bridge) by Terrye Kocher $65
Purple Mountains by Terrye Kocher (Mt. Whitney) $50
Overwhelming Grace! by Jennifer Haffke $375
Thomas Creek Glow by Eileen Fuller $125
Late Autumn by Larry Jacox $300
American Sunset by Fran Johnson $90
Yosemite, Across the Wilderness by Carol Foldvary-Anderson $195

Per our contract with the museum, they will be mailing out checks to each of you within 45 days. They will take their 30%
commission. Also, you may not know, but the museum is tax-exempt, so YOU do not have to report sales tax either.
THANK YOU to all 27 of you who entered your 67 paintings, to our awesome hanging and take-down crews! We hope to
have another exhibit at the May Museum in 2021.

These are some pictures and a video from the event.

Don’t miss out on our next exhibit!!